Water Quality

Why does water quality matter?

Many people really don’t think about just how important the quality of their water is. There are obvious – and very important – health benefits of removing contaminants from your water. Did you know there are many aesthetic benefits to treating your water as well? These include better-looking hair, skin, and clothes; a cleaner house; and better-tasting water, beverages, and food.

Concern for the quality of your water can even save you money! Appliances that use water will waste less energy and last longer. You’ll need to use less soaps and detergents as well. And let’s face it, filtered water is better, safer, and cheaper!

Solutions for Bad Water

Water Genius can prescribe with accuracy the right water treatment equipment for your water quality problem!

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Benefits of Clean Water

Not only does clean water have many health and aesthetic benefits but it can also save you money on detergents, soaps and other cleaners!

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Save Money

Water softeners save so much money that they pay for themselves. You will be saving money by taking care of your fabrics and reducing your energy bills.
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Signs of Bad Water

From brown stains in your tub, a funny odor in your water, to a bad taste, some of the signs of bad water are obvious. However, when it comes to hard water, some aren’t.

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