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Our goal is to educate families in the community on ways to protect them from the potential harm their drinking, bathing and cooking water poses to their health and well being. We continually educate ourselves on the latest chemicals counties are introducing into the treatment of our neighbors water. Our education is equally as important for our neighbors with wells who face a completely different set of challenges. Our staff and technicians receive ongoing training, and education as to the latest equipment, and techniques to solve the ever increasing changes to our neighbors’ water.

We design each new water system specifically for you based on our free water analysis. We use only quality systems, backed by a variety of warranties. We pride ourselves on quality service before, during, and after the sale. We are proud to provide service on most manufactured brands of water systems.

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Why is soft water so slippery?

Many customers who have water softeners installed in their houses notice that their skin feels “slippery” after a bath. Some customers say, “My water is too soft! I can’t rinse the soap off!” This reaction is normal for new soft water customers.

What causes that slippery feeling? 

Clean skin!

Hard water leaves an insoluble soap-curd film on you, causing your hair and skin to “squeak”. Most of us grew up with hard water, so “squeaky clean” was all we knew and what we grew to expect from our bathing and shampooing. Some of the soap manufacturers even perpetuated this misinformation with their commercials about “squeaky clean”. No wonder we all believed that we were our cleanest when our skin and hair squeaked.

But, we know now that “squeaky clean” is not clean at all. It should be called “squeaky dirty”. The fact is that we “squeaked” with hard water because there was an invisible hard water soap scum film on our hair and skin, causing our skin, scalp and hair to really be overly dry. This is bad for skin and hair. Soap scum film builds up on hair, weighting it down and making it brittle and lifeless. Soap scum film on skin makes our skin dry and itchy.

Here is one way you can prove this to yourself. Notice that hard water leaves a bathtub ring and soft water does not. That hard water bath tub ring is made of scummy, “gooky stuff” that sticks to the tub. That same scum sticks to your skin, clogging your pores and causing your skin to feel overly dry and “squeaky”. On the other hand, soft water leaves no bath tub ring. Soft water also does not leave scum on your skin, scalp and hair. Soft water leaves your skin and hair “hydrated and clean”, not squeaky. Since water is wet and there is not scummy film on your skin to cause friction, the water feels “slippery”. That slippery feeling is the indication of healthy, clean skin and hair.

With soft water, you can rinse an extra 15 minutes but the slippery feeling will not go away! The soap is long gone and your skin is very clean. Within minutes of drying off, you will notice how soft your skin feels–almost as if you applied skin lotion. Soft skin is healthy and clean! Ladies, your hair will be easier to style, keep its curl longer, be more bouncy and feel weightless.

Once you have experienced the wonderful clean feeling of soft water, you’ll never want to be without it again. And, your skin, hair, appliances and plumbing will thank you.  Contact us today to see how easy and affordable it is to have soft water in your life.  It all starts with  a phone call to Water Genius Systems Inc.

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We started out with a pretty simple question: is a water softener system a luxury or a necessity? By now, we hope you can see why this product is absolutely a necessity for your home.

The reason behind this is simple: clean water itself is not a luxury. If you are regularly consuming tainted water, then it’s not just an inconvenience. You may be putting yourself at risk of contracting a number of short-term and even long-term health issues.

In addition to harming your health, the use of hard water is sabotaging all of the appliances in your home. If you worry that a water softener system is a “luxury” that will cost too much money, then rest assured that it will cost far more to replace your dishwasher and clothes washer.

Ultimately, a water softener is the best kind of purchase: it’s an investment that will only grow in value over time. Factor in how clean water is going to improve your health and save your appliances, and this is a purchase that will end up saving you money each and every year. And on top of that, you’ll have the convenience of life’s simplest pleasure: clear, clean, and refreshing water!

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