Test My Water

What’s in my water?

Whether you have city water or well water, you may be asking yourself this question. Maybe you see signs of bad water around your home on fixtures and when cleaning, or your water tastes and smells bad. Or perhaps there was a boil alert in your community, or your neighbor had a water treatment system installed in their home.

Whatever the reason, Water Genius has a variety of water treatment services that will provide insight into what’s in your water. We will then offer a water treatment solution specific to your water quality concerns.

No concern is too unusual!

Solutions for Bad Water

Water Genius can prescribe with accuracy the right water treatment equipment for your water quality problem!

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City Water Filters

Combination Water Softener
Whole House Filtration

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Well Water Filters

UV Filters
Acid Neutralizers
Sulfur Filters
Iron and Sulfur Filters

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Signs of Bad Water

From brown stains in your tub, a funny odor in your water, to a bad taste, some of the signs of bad water are obvious. However, when it comes to hard water, some aren’t.
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